Sunday, May 1, 2011


Well, I haven't had a chance to update recently. We've had so much rain or I've been working or I've been cleaning. Yesterday was a nice day though and we went to King's Island for awhile. It was too crowded and we were all grumpy by the time we left at 5:30, but we had a good time anyway. We grilled out (pork chops, corn, green beans/potatoes/carrots, tossed salad, and brownies) when we got home. So yesterday was a definitive family fun time. But back to the grind today, I think!

I now have a handle on the kids' rooms totally and am able to just maintain them, as I am with the kitchen and bathroom. I want to get the rest of the toy room finished (just have to label the boxes) and get going on the living room. It has honestly turned into a disaster area recently. After we get the living room under control this week, we are going to work on the master bedroom. That is the room that frightens me. In true SHE fashion, I have put off getting my room into any sort of organized manner because I thought that the kids pretty much came first. I think we still have boxes in the corner to unpack and we've been here for almost 4 years now. Scary! That room could be on the show 'Hoarders' without so much as looking back. Yes, it's that bad. So I'm a little afraid of that room.

After we get done with the upstairs, it will be on to the basement. I have every intention of flinging 27 BOXES of crap down there. Probably about once a day, honestly. I told my DH that we are really going to be going through the stuff and if we honestly wanted to keep it, we needed to: 1) find a place for it upstairs, 2) get it out more than once every 4 years when we move, or 3) be willing to place it in a large plastic tub. Our basement leaks and I figure that if we really want to protect these things, we ought to be willing to invest in their storage. Plus, I think that we'll be able to move much easier one day and everything will be better organized and cataloged in each box. So I'm now on the lookout for sales for the large plastic storage tubs. If you see a good deal on them anywhere, let me know!!!!

Well, today it's back to the weekly cleaning chores then laundry. Hopefully I can get the vacuum cleaner run throughout the house today. It really needs it!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BIG weekend!!!!

This weekend has been a bit crazy! I have been a cleanin' fool! And I'm still not tired of it yet. I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and only have 2 rooms to declutter totally now before I can just maintain. One is the living room and the other is the master bedroom.

Anyway, the weekend o' cleanin' began on Friday with DH and I starting to fling in DD (age 7) 's room for an hour. Then DH left for work and I continued while DS (22 months) was still napping. By the end of the night, I had my eldest baby's room under control. YAY!

On Saturday, I had to work and my DH vacuumed and cleaned the carpet in DD's room. He also then straightened DS's books that were thrown all over his room and put some of the toys (that were likewise thrown all over the room) on the shelf. I was so tired when I got home, I swiped and swished the bathroom, but had no energy to do anything else.

This morning, I got up and started my normal daily routine. I emptied the dishrack, washed last night's dishes, swipe and swished the bathroom, rebooted a load of laundry, got dressed, ate breakfast that my DH made, got the kids up and dressed and attempted (unsuccessfully) to fold a load of laundry. (The DS kept grabbing the newly folded clothing and strewing it from hither to yon... thus no laundry folding was successful.)

This afternoon, we went to see "Shrek: The Musical". If you have a chance to see it, jump at it! It was so much fun!! Then we picked up the baby and had dinner out.

When we got home (the DH was at work), we went upstairs to the DS's room and started organizing that. Finished getting the toys organized, worked in a bunch of books and toys from the DD's room that she had outgrown. Vacuumed DS's room and the stairwell up stairs.

Over all ended up flinging a TON of stuff. There have been at least 13 bags of trash flung and 5 boxes of toys and clothes to take to Goodwill. Later this week, I'm hoping to start to go through and fling DD's stuffed animals, since there are entirely too many of them. So tired but soooo encouraged by the progress! Getting there... I can't wait to be done and just maintain! =D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Catching up

So I haven't posted for a few days. No worries. I haven't fallen behind really. Just been busy. Worked on Friday, so I did the bare minimum around the house. Then Saturday, I was planning on doing a load of wash and a few odds and ends around the house. Then my DS (21 months) started vomiting all over the carpet in the living room and dining room / play room. So ended up cleaning the carpet and upholstery with a carpet shampooer. Got to go to a play on Saturday afternoon. Then just "hung out" at home with the entire family.

Yesterday, it was the DD's turn to vomit all over the place. Cleaned the bathroom from ceiling to floor and had to used the carpet shampooer in her room as well. I have been Lysoling everything and washing my hands non-stop. PLUS my DH has had diarrhea since Friday night as well. Yes, the place is sanitized and cleaned pretty frequently recently.

Something that I did accomplish that was different was our "Control Journal". I really worked hard on getting everything together. I am going to post photos of that so you can see what we have. Most everything was from the suggestions of, but I did add a few more sections that I thought would be helpful to us. Now the DH and I both know what it is we still need to accomplish. I have to "blur" the info on the pictures before I can post them but they will be on here soon. =D

And I'm back. I'm sure you missed me tremendously, huh? ;) LOL!

OK. Photos are now up.  I think the only thing that I added was the section for a ledger/receipts and the bills. We have only had this for 2 full days and have used it constantly. As you can see, we can use a dry erase marker to cross off what we've gotten done so that the other of us doesn't have to repeat the task. We're working it! =D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Days 4 and 5

Yesterday I worked, so didn't quite get to blogging. When I got home, I ate and relaxed for awhile. Then I went into the kitchen with the intention of washing the dishes and then shining my sink. But then I thought that I could just wash the window and window sill. Then wash the microwave. And so on. So by the time I went to bed last night (WAY too late, I might add), my kitchen was sparkling from ceiling to floor.  YAY!

This morning, I swiped and swished in the bathroom after cleaning out the fridge. So I am now totally done with both the kitchen and the bathroom. YAY! Then DH and I hit two hotspots: our bookshelf that contains a number of our cookbooks and the piano/catch-all. I did not take photos today because I was being lazy. I have a load of laundry going right now. And DH and I discussed that we wanted to start doing a meal plan for the week so that we can buy the right groceries rather than just flying by the seat of our pants. Haven't done it yet, but soon.

Definitely seeing progress around here! And our DD is attempting to help. The DS (21 months) only attempts to help with CREATING a mess or a dangerous situation if he can help it. He's a little tornado from H E double hockey sticks... ;) One day. One day.... LOL!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 3

Well, today is a relatively easy day. Day 3 of the babysteps says that I am only supposed to continue doing what I've already done. So, I got dressed to my laces this morning before work. And I came home and shined the sink after doing the dishes. Good thing that's all there is to do today. I'm exhausted and have to work again in the morning. My hubby did get some vacuuming and laundry done. But we're making head-way! YAY!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 2 Addendum

I'm more excited than ever tonight. My DH called me from work specifically to find out what needed to be done around the house tomorrow! I'm thinking that our control log may be born sooner, rather than later! ;) YAY! =D Now off to make my To Do list for tomorrow and get some sleep before 2 days of work.... G'night all!

Day 2 of the New Me

Well, I'm starting early today. Well, early for ME. LOL! The only things on the babysteps to do today were to shine the sink and to get dressed to the laces. Since I shined the sink last night right before I went to bed, I am feeling like I don't need to do that and I had accomplished something before I even got out of bed this morning! I also knew I was to get dressed to the laces today and the second that my feet hit the ground, I went to get dressed and ready for the day. According to the second day of babysteps, I am only supposed to shine my sink and get dressed.

Well, I am motivated to do more so I have a few small projects that I'd like to get done today. I'd normally put on my "To Do" list to clean an entire room (including vacuuming, dusting and everything be totally put away), which of course can not be done when I accept nothing less than perfection. Keeping this in mind, I have 2 hot spots in my living room (the desk and the loveseat) that I want to take care of. I also want to declutter the counter left of the sink, clean out the bathroom cupboards, wash & dry 2 loads of laundry, fold both loads of laundry, put away both loads of laundry, and set out clothes for tomorrow (for me,  my DD, and DS). And this list does not overwhelm me. AT ALL. I'm pretty excited about it actually. I'll update this blog post later with before and after pictures when I'm done. But for now, I'm grabbing my timer and setting it for 15 minutes. Let's get started!

I am going to post as I go. I am on a break right now. (DH is making lunch then we'll eat, so I'm just waiting right now.) So I started with the counter in the kitchen. This is what it looked like before touching it:

So I started by putting the dishes away and the dishrack elsewhere for a little bit.

I then set the timer and went through everything on the counter for 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes, this is what I saw:

Wow! What a difference already! I drank a glass of water and set the timer for another 15 minutes because I was rather encouraged. I know, I know... I'm not supposed to do that, but I was excited! So off I went. Cleared the counter, putting stuff away, and then decided to Soft Scrub the nastiness away off the counter.

Got to the end of the second 15 minutes and this is what I saw as the finished product:

Yes the drainage rack is up again, but I needed to quickly rinse all the plastic containers (and wine glasses) that had been gathering dust on the counter. And look!

I still have my shiny sink! ;)

Next, it was time for my loveseat. We had cleaned this mostly off last week, but didn't finish. So here's the before photo:

And after 15 minutes, I had had time to put everything away or throw it away, vacuum out under the cushions and get the cat hair off the cushions and back of the loveseat. Now, this is what I see:

Next up is the first load of laundry.... then off to work on the bathroom cabinets. There are 4 cabinets, so I'm figuring it's going to take at least an hour to work through them. Right now, I'm gonna eat a much deserved lunch and gear up for the next rounds!